Bali Hit By Huge 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake, Hotels Evacuated

The Indonesian island of Bali has been shaken by a "frightening" earthquake just off the coast, but no tsunami warning has yet been issued.

The earthquake, initially measured as 6.2 magnitude, was felt around 7.20am local time on Tuesday.

It was centred 40 kilometres south of Kendalrejo, according to the United States Geological Survey. Geoscience Australia reported the earthquake hit at a depth of 80 kilometres.

It was felt in Australian tourist hotspots including Canggu, as well as the capital Denpasar.

Bali is one of Australia's top tourism destinations, with more than one million Aussies visiting the island.

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre reported people felt the quake as far away as Central Java in the west and West Nusa in the east. As many as eight million people may have felt the quake, the EMSC said.

No major damage has yet been reported, but people in Bali described the experience as "frightening".

People on the ground reported strong shaking, including hotels and buildings rumbling, for up to 10 seconds. Others said they were woken by the vibrations, while some buildings were evacuated.

One person posted shaky camera footage of what appeared to be a stone gate damaged by the quake.