Terrifying Moment Theme Park Ride Collapses Mid-Air

The moment a ride snaps in half at an amusement park has been caught on camera.

At least two people were killed when the metal arm of the Discovery pendulum ride snapped as dozens of people were swung into the air on Sunday at Kankaria Adventure Park in Ahmedabad, western India.

The terrifying video shows the packed ride swinging higher and higher into the sky before the arm collapses. The round-seating area that was carrying dozens of people collided into the ride's main structure, killing two people instantly.

Both victims are believed to be aged in their early 20s.

India Rollercoaster
Two people died on impact when the metal arm snapped. Photo: Youtube/Shishir Choudhary.

The circular section then crashes free-fall to the ground, as hundreds of on-lookers watch on in terror. Vision of the chaos has emerged online, showing bloodied bodies of people trapped beneath the metal and others stuck in their seats.

Ahmedabad mayor Bijal Patel told local media 27 people are being treated in hospital for injuries.

India Ride
The seat-section collided with the ride's mental structure. Photo: Twitter/Shishir Choudhary.

He also said an inquiry into the incident has been ordered so the reason for the crash can be determined.

The inquiry will reportedly probe whether Kankaria Adventure Park had the correct licence to operate the ride.

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