Nobody Had More Fun At Wimbledon Than Woody Harrelson

"Woody Harrelson at Wimbledon" is now a cultural touchstone you need to know about.

As Colombia's Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah were cinching their victory at the Wimbledon men's doubles final on Centre Court, Woody Harrelson was in the stadium scoring a few points of his own.

"I don't watch tennis, I watch Woody Harrelson watching tennis," one person tweeted, which just about summed the whole thing up.

It all started during the end of the fourth set, when the Hollywood actor -- brandishing a glass of something -- wasn't allowed back to his seat until the point was won.

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"Drunk Woody Harrelson being kept from his seats at Wimbledon is a huge mood," tweeted @TylerRuinsTV, who kept a running thread of the whole situation.

(Note: 10 daily can't confirm nor deny if Woody was drunk. But he was certainly drinking a number of alcoholic-looking beverages. You do the maths.)

When Woody was let back in, everybody cheered. To be fair, everyone at Wimbledon was cheering the point, but the internet was cheering for new man-of-the-people Woody.

Even the TV commentators were joining in the fun, and the camera kept finding the actor for his reaction.

He even found a jaunty, colourful hat.

Then things got.... weirder.

It's not uncommon for celebrities and royalty alike to attend Wimbledon, and not uncommon for cameras to continue to flit back to them for a reaction shot.

Unfortunately, this was Woody's:

Importantly, however, whoever decided to cut to Woody Harrelson's reaction after France's Nicolas Mahut copped a tennis ball to the groin deserves no less than an Academy Award.

The actor has yet to comment on his new Wimbledon icon status.

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