Manson Family Murder House Up For Sale

There's no disputing the impressive views and gorgeous grounds of the latest mansion in Los Angeles to go on sale.

But what's not obvious from looking at the spectacular Los Feliz home is its murderous history.

Inside the stunning mansion, two of the Manson Family murders were committed in 1969.  Rosemary and Leno LaBianca were killed on August 10, the day after Sharon Tate and four others were murdered by the cult.

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Charles Manson in 1969. Photo: AP Photo.

While the very idea of living in the home where two cold-blooded cult murders occurred would be some people's worst nightmare, real estate agent Robert Giambalvo told CBS Los Angeles that it's unclear if the property's history will be positive or negative.

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“It’s going to be interesting,” Giambalvo said.

“I talked to a lot of people to try to figure out, is it a detractor, or is it not a detractor? It’s all over the board.”

 Rosemary and Leno LaBianca
Rosemary and Leno LaBianca were murdered at the home in 1969. Photo: CBS News.

In fact, Giambalvo believes the crime will be of little concern to buyers because it happened 50 years ago. Regardless, there is a discount on the price of the home due to the history.

If the buyer can get past the history of the home, the 148 square metre place, complete with two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms can be bought for a cool $2.8 million AUD.

Manson Family Murder Home
The property's history may not be an issue for some buyers. Photo: Redfin/CBS News.

“I think there’s a little bit of a discount ...We don’t want someone to go into escrow and find out later about the event that happened a long time ago,” Giambalvo said.

The current owners have lived in the home for over 20 years and said the history of the place didn't bother them in the slightest. They told CBS they are confident others will be interested in the property as they once were.

Manson Family Murder Home
The property will set back the buy nearly $3 million. Photo: Redfin/CBS News.

The new owners could also be set to welcome a very famous neighbour in the near future. The Los Felix home is next door to the convent pop-star Katy Perry has been trying to buy.

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