First-Time Flyer Steps Onto Luggage Belt Thinking It Leads To Plane

The moment a woman walked onto a luggage conveyor belt has been captured on CCTV.

The first-time flyer had just checked her luggage for her flight from the newly opened Istanbul airport in Turkey.

After seeing her luggage disappear down the belt, presumably to the plane, the woman cautiously stepped onto the baggage scales next to the check-in desk and made her way slowly towards the belt.

Before stepping onto the fast-moving conveyor, she paused and appeared a little confused about what to do next.

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Woman On Luggage Belt
The woman walked down the belt after checking her luggage. Photo: AIO Entertainment.

Before staff could stop her, the lady launched herself onto the moving belt and fell backward, according to reports by The Sun.

A quick-thinking staff member at a near-by desk managed to stop the belt so she could be safely removed.

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The woman was not seriously injured, but she's sure to have learned the difference between a baggage belt and a boarding gate.

The new Istanbul Airport opened in April this year.

It has an annual passenger capacity of 90million a year - and once finished will service up to 200million.

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