Angela Merkel Seen Shaking For The Third Time In Weeks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen shaking as she met Finland’s visiting Prime Minister on Wednesday, her third bout within the last month, but a government spokesman said she was fine.

Merkel shook back and forth as she stood outside and looked uncomfortable as she watched a military ceremony marking Antti Rinne’s arrival.

Merkel, 64, has no history of serious health issues, though the two other incidents have prompted speculation in the media.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) welcomes Finnish Prime Minister Rinne (not pictured) with military honors at the Chancellery in Berlin. Photo: Getty

She was spotted shaking on June 18 when she met visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, but later said she felt better after drinking some water.

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She was also seen shaking on June 27 when she met German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier but her spokesman said she was fine and she later went ahead with her planned trip to Japan for a G20 summit. A government official told Reuters that was more a psychological issue as she tried desperately to avoid a repeat.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finnish Prime Minister Rinne. Photo: Reuters

Were Merkel to be incapacitated, Steinmeier would appoint a cabinet minister as acting chancellor until parliament elects a new chancellor. This need not be Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a member of the Social Democrats, junior partner in Merkel’s ruling grand coalition.

A spokesman for the government said Merkel’s discussion with Rinne on Wednesday was continuing as planned.