Alek Sigley Breaks His Silence On Disappearance

The Australian man who lived in North Korea and was detained by officials for spying, only to be released has broken his silence since the ordeal. 

Alek Sigley, 29, returned to Twitter late on Tuesday. His inactivity on the platform was one cause of concern when family and friends feared he was missing in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Sigley was a university student in the nation's capital Pyongyang and also ran a tour company called Tongil Tours for foreigners visiting North Korea.

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"I’m back on social media! I want to again thank everyone for their concern and well-wishes," Sigley wrote on Twitter.

Alek Sigley
Alek Sigley has broken his silence on Twitter. Photo: Twitter/Alek Sigley.

"Please rest assured that I am well both mentally and physically. Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions, I’d like to make a brief statement."

Sigley addressed the reason why he was detained in the DPRK and disclosed plans of his return to the rogue nation.

"The allegation that I am a spy is (pretty obviously) false," Sigley wrote. 

He said he provided NK News with a statement that was published on a blog. In the blog post, it appeared Sigley was detained on spying allegations but was released on humanitarian reasons.

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Sigley also confirmed he has no plans to return to North Korea at this stage but is still interested in the nation. All tours run through his company Tongil Tours will also be cancelled until further notice.

Alek Sigley
Sigley has denied he was a spy. Photo: Twitter/ Alek Sigley.

Finally, Sigley addressed his sadness about not being able to live in Pyongyang and receive his master's degree from Kim Il Sung University after completing more than half the course.

"I may never again walk the streets of Pyongyang, a city that holds a very special place in my heart ... but that's life," he wrote.

Sigley also confirmed he will not be doing any media interviews, holding press conferences or commenting about his detention in the DPRK on social media.

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Alek was flown to China following his release from detention in North Korea. He then travelled to Japan to be with his wife, who he married in Pyongyang in 2018.

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