This Second-Hand Exorcism VHS Tape Found In An Op Shop Is Terrifying People

Second-hand stores can be a treasure trove for shoppers, but bringing home a demon is not usually recommended.

But for one person posting on the Facebook page 'Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared', that is exactly what they did.

Patrick McDonald claimed on Monday to have found a home video terrifyingly named 'Exorcism of "Linda", while at a thrift store in Colorado, in the United States.

"No one has had the guts to watch it yet," he said on his post to the Facebook page.

The "Exorcism of 'Linda'". Photo: Patrick McDonald/ Facebook

The video is dated July 1, 1997, and the person posting it on Facebook claimed it came with a written explanation note.

"This tape was taken mostly as an experiment, to catch anything sudden or unusual that the other camera may not have gotten," the note allegedly reads.

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The note alludes to more recordings of the exorcism which it claims took place over several days.

"This is the 'home movie' 3rd camera version of the second day of Linda's exorcism,' the sticker reads.

"Although I don't think anything was missed by the other cameras, such shots as when Linda kneels in front of Bob probably looked more descriptive from this camera angle."

McDonald is having the tapes converted to digital to have a 'watch party", with many commenters on the post wanting to join in.

"Invite me! I'll bring food lol," said one.

"Omg. Please post to vimeo and add link," said another.

"How do I join this watch party?" someone asked.