Uber Co-Founder Just Bought A Record-Breaking $103.2 Million Mansion

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp has purchased a $103.2 million mansion in L.A., throwing into sharp relief the wealth disparity in the city, as well as the marked difference in wealth between Uber's owners and its drivers.

The sprawling chateau, set on two hectares with 123 rooms, was sold to Camp and his partner Eliza Nguyen.

It became the most expensive property sold in Beverly Hills, beating a previous record held by Minecraft creator Marcus Persson, who bought $99.7 million a house up the road from Camp's in 2014.

Camp, who is reportedly worth US $4.1 billion, has bought multiple luxury properties with Nguyen, including two contemporary houses on L.A.'s Sunset Strip, a penthouse and a mansion in San Francisco and a penthouse in New York's Soho neighbourhood.

Source: Getty images.

The couple have also been linked to the purchase of a $37.7 million mansion in San Francisco's extremely expensive Presidio Heights.

Pete White, executive director of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, told The Guardian that articles glorifying the purchase of the Beverley Hills mansion are painful to read.

"There is definitely a crisis of value in Los Angeles," he said.

An L.A.-based Uber driver, Nicole Moore, also told the publication it was a "perfect example of the one percent stealing from the rest of us."

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The city is experiencing a housing crisis that is driving thousands to live on the streets, with nearly 53,000 people recognised as homeless in L.A. County last year.

About 25 percent of the homeless population are struggling with mental illness, and last year 918 people without homes died on the streets of the city.

Between 2014 and 2018, 3,612 homeless people died in L.A..