Hearse Driver Learns Dead Body Doesn't Count In Carpool Lane

While we don't know much about what happens after you die, we can be sure you stop qualifying as a second passenger on the highways.

It's not exactly something you would think needs clarifying, but the Nevada Highway Patrol had to issue a deadly serious reminder that the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane is only to be used by the living.

Similar to Australian T2 lanes, the HOV lane is only to be used by vehicles carrying two or more people.

On Tuesday, officials said a funeral home driver using the HOV lane was confused after being pulled over, only to be told his travel companion did not count.

"The driver had the dearly departed in the back, he thought the deceased could be counted as two people," NHP Southern Command said on Twitter.

"I guess we should clarify this, living, breathing people count for the HOV lane."

Bodycam footage of the incident shows the driver asking "he won't count?", while pointing to the deceased in the back.

“It just threw me off,” Trooper Travis Smaka, who pulled the driver over, told CNN.

“That was one of the more interesting responses I’ve gotten.”

Despite technically breaking the rules, the driver was let off with a warning.

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In 2015, a New Zealand woman did her best to bend the same rules by attempting to pass off a mannequin as a passenger in order to drive in the T2 lane.

Despite dressing the dummy up in a denim jacket and sunglasses, the 24-year-old driver was nabbed by police and fined $150.

Image: NZ Police