Frozen Body Landed One Metre From Sunbather After Plummeting From Plane

New photos have emerged of the spot in a London backyard where a frozen body landed after falling out of an aircraft.

The body fell from the landing gear of a Kenyan Airways passenger jet as it landed at London Heathrow from Nairobi.

Resident John Baldock was in his back garden sunbaking at about 3.30pm on Sunday when the frozen body landed just a metre from him.

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It's believed the plane was flying at about 3500 feet ( 1066 metres) as it prepared to land at the major London airport.

Photos of the yard show the crater the body created when it collided with earth.

Footpath concrete appears badly cracked and bush branches are broken in the Clapham, South London home.

Body Fell From Aircraft
The body left an indent in the London backyard. Photo: Twitter/Nick Dickson.

A neighbour of John's who witnessed the incident said John was visibly upset and in shock after seeing the body.

"I went upstairs and looked out the window and saw the body," the neighbour told The Sun.

“I saw John outside, he was shaking and trembling. He wasn’t saying anything. He could hardly speak.

“My husband called the police. It was horrific.”

John was reportedly unable to return to the home as he was so traumatised from the event. He's reportedly back in his home town of Exeter to recover.

Body Fell From Aircraft
John is reportedly unable to return to the home. Photo: Twitter/Nick Dickson.

Kenyan Airlines said a bag, some water and a stash of food was found near the plane's landing gear, which is the same area the person who fell is believed to have been hiding.

In 2015, a man fell from a plane that had travelled from Johannesburg in South Africa to London Heathrow. It's believed the man managed to cling to the undercarriage of the aircraft for nearly the entire flight before he fell onto a shop in Richmond -- an affluent London suburb on the River Thames.

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Back in 2012, Jose Matada fell to his death from a British Airways flight inbound from Angola. Matada was found on the pavement in East Sheen, in south London after falling to his death in September of that year.

An inquest into the death of the Mozambique national found he miraculously survived freezing temperatures as cold as -60 degrees Celsius, however, was almost dead by the time he hit the ground.

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