Teen Suffering Anxiety Cruelly Doused With Juice On Prom Night

A teenager who suffers anxiety has been the target of a cruel bully, who doused her with juice on her prom night, ruining her dress and turning what was meant to be a magical evening into a nightmare.

Emilee Perry, a 16-year-old from Doncaster, UK, had to be convinced to attend the school dance at all, according to her mother Tracy Perry.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Tracy shared photos of her daughter in tears, her dress completely ruined.

"This is my beautiful daughter who suffers with anxiety whom we had to beg to go to the prom this evening," she wrote on June 29.

"Two hours later I collect her from the prom like this, heartbroken and in a state."

A series of photos show Emilee beaming in a sparkly silver and pink dress -- clearly a 'before' picture -- and then in tears, after her night was ruined by the heartless bully.

Emilee on prom night, before she was doused in juice. (Image: Facebook)

"This 'person' thought it a good idea to pour a full jug of juice over her and soak her from head to toe. I hope one day someone humiliates and devastates her like she has done to my daughter!!!" the furious mum wrote.

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Photos show Emilee's prom dress completely soaked in red juice, as she rides home from the prom early, clearly distressed.

Emilee's mum said she was 'devastated and humiliated' by the cruel actions of her attacker. (Image: Facebook)

After taking to Facebook to share her daughter's story, messages of support for Emilee and anger for those who targeted her came flooding in.  The post has been shared more than 1200 times.

"It kills me to see this is still going on," Facebook user Jessica K Jessica wrote.

"Anxiety isn't easy and having to deal with this on top hasn't made it easier.  You look so beautiful so keep your head held high."

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Michele Rimmer said the post made her "feel sick".

"Why would anyone be so cruel.  She is absolutely gorgeous," she wrote, adding a love heart emoji.

Other comments called the bully "sub-human" and "shameful", and said she should be charged with assault.

After receiving thousands of messages of support, Emilee took to Facebook herself to express her gratitude.

"Wow, I just want to take the time out to thank each and every person that has gone out of the way to absolutely shower me with love and support!" the teenager wrote.

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"It is greatly appreciated and I will most certainly be eternally grateful for the extremely unexpected outcome of this situation!"

She said she was "absolutely overwhelmed" with the outpouring of kindness, which convinced her she can "get through absolutely anything".

"I hope this makes me a stronger person," she said.

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In an amazing show of compassion, the family has kept the name of Emilee's attacker anonymous, because "I would HATE to be spreading her name and causing her more hate and stress," Emilee wrote.

The story has struck a chord with people all over the world, and Tracy called the response "unbelievable."

"My daughter is astounded as we are," she said.

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