'Beyond Scary': Chaos As Music Festival Cancelled At The Last Minute

Would-be festival goers in the thousands were left disappointed and confused after the VestiVille festival in Belgium was cancelled at the last minute.

Attendees were literally arriving at the venue for a three-day festival -- where A-list stars like Cardi B, A$AP Rocky, Migos and Future were due to play -- when they were turned away.

Cristina Bran, who travelled from London to Lommel in Belgium attend VestiVille, told Reuters the security guards were also unaware of the cancellation, and that the crowd began to get rowdy once they learned the festival had been called off.

She said it was "beyond scary", posting a video showing police turning people away at an entrance.

In another video, one would-be attendee chanted "f**k VestiVille, joking to Netflix that she was "ready for my interview" -- a reference to the streaming giant's documentary on 2017's disastrous Fyre Festival.

According to VestiVille, the mayor of Lommel made the decision not to let the festival go ahead at 5pm local time, after a consultation with security services and A$AP Rocky's security found neither the safety of the artist nor the safety of the public could be guaranteed.

A$AP Rocky said there were both "security and infrastructure concerns" relating to the show production, which were not adequately managed by the festival.

"The promoters told me it would be handled but unfortunately for you and me they didn't," he tweeted.

"I want to give my fans the best show ever but due to the infrastructure and security problems I will not be performing ... I'm sorry."

VestiVille said the campsite would remain open, but one attendee said she was stuck there for 14 hours without food or water during the scorching day.

The line-up for the three-day VestiVille music festival.

The disaster is already drawing comparisons to Fyre Festival, the infamous 'luxury' music festival which saw thousands of people stranded in the Bahamas and founder Billy McFarland charged with Fraud.

Ja Rule, who was involved in Fyre Festival, was also due to perform at VestiVille.

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VestiVille said it is consulting with official partners about a refund.

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