WATCH: 'Hero' Teenager Catch Baby Falling From Apartment

CCTV footage has captured the dramatic moment a teenager caught a toddler who had fallen out of an open second floor window.

Feuzi Zabaat is being hailed a hero after saving the two-year-old from serious harm while standing in a street in Instanbul, Turkey.

The little girl, Doha Muhammed, tumbled out of the apartment's window while her mother was cooking in the kitchen, local media reports.

Luckily, Zabaat -- an Algerian immigrant who works at a frame shop on the same street --  acted quickly and was able to catch the child just before she hit the ground.

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"I did what was necessary for the love of Allah," Zabaat said after the incident.

The teenager was gifted 200 Turkish Liras ($50) by the girl's family for his efforts.

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