Oops, Elon Musk Mixed Up The Moon And Mars

The man is determined to build a colony on Mars, but Elon Musk has been ridiculed on social media for mixing up his celestial bodies.

On Monday, the SpaceX CEO tweeted an image with the caption "Occupy Mars" next to what you would assume is the red planet.

Turns out, it was a little closer to home.

"That's the moon," replied one user, along with a photo of the July 2018 "blood moon" lunar eclipse -- which bore a startling resemblance to the body Musk claimed was Mars.

Unfortunately for Musk -- an eccentric billionaire who has plans to send his fellow Earthlings to Mars as soon as this year -- people were not understanding.

"The hero who is going to colonize Mars doesn't know what Mars Looks like! Fantastic!" one user joked.

"The first step toward occupying Mars would be to aim for the correct celestial body," said another.

Musk later responded to the error, sending out some laughing emojis and adding "Moon too."

"For sure moon 1st, as it's only 3 days away & u don't need interplanetary orbital synchronization," he said.

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Mars, the actual one. Image: NASA

Considering his relaxed response, there is a chance the Tesla chief knew what he was doing the entire time -- and was just trolling, as he's got a history of doing.

While speaking at the JFK Space Summit last week, Amazon CEO and fellow runner in the modern-day space race Jeff Bezos claimed establishing a colony on the moon is "actually the fastest way to get to Mars".

“If you’re gonna need a lot of supplies and fuel and bulk materials to go to Mars, you’re much better lifting them off the moon than you are lifting them off the Earth,” he said.

“It’s an illusion that you can skip a step...Skipping steps slows you down, it’s seductive but wrong.”

If it was an oversight from Musk, it's not the first time the moon and Mars have been mixed in together.

While criticising NASA's plans to restart moon landings, Donald Trump suggested Earth's satellite was in fact connected to Mars.

"They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing," he said.

"Including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!"

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SpaceX is currently working on developing its "Starship" spacecraft -- the next ambitious project from the company which successfully launched one of the biggest and most power spacecrafts in history, the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The reusable 9.7 million-pound rocket will be able to seat 100 passengers, and is what Musk hopes will one day transport people and supplies to Mars.