Teenager Allegedly Killed Her 'Best Friend' On Promise Of Million-Dollar Payout

A teenager is accused of murdering her best friend after a man she met online promised her millions of dollars in exchange for photos of the act.

American teen Denali Brehmer, 18, from Alaska, allegedly began plotting the murder after she developed an online relationship with 21-year-old Darin Schilmiller, from Indiana.

Schilmiller posed as a millionaire named 'Tyler' and offered her $13 million (USD $9 million) to kill her friend Cynthia Hoffman, 19, and send him videos and photos of the crime.

The Alaska Department of Law said the pair began plotting Hoffman's murder weeks before the actual event. Court documents describe Brehmer and Hoffmann as 'best friends'.

Cynthia Hoffman
Hoffman was allegedly murdered by her 'best friend'. Photo: Facebook/ Cynthia Hoffman.

Anchorage police discovered Hoffman's body on a riverbank of the Eklutna River on June 4, just two days after her death. Police alleged Hoffman was bound with duct tape, shot in the back of the head and pushed into the river from a hiking trail just outside of the city.

Police also allege Brehmer recruited two sixteen-year-old teens to help carry out the killing, and that they expected to receive a significant cut of the money offered by Schilmiller for their help.

Schilmiller is in the process of being extradited from Indiana to Alaska for the trial. CNN reports he is also in custody for child pornography charges.

Cynthia Hoffman
Hoffman in 2016. Photo: Facebook/Cynthia Hoffman

Court documents say Schilmiller also directed Brehmer to sexually assault two girls -- one aged 15 and the other eight or nine. He then instructed Brehmer to send him videos of the acts.

Six people involved in the alleged killing of Hoffman have been indicted to stand trial for first-degree murder.

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