Video Captured Angela Merkel Shaking Uncontrollably

There are concerns for German Chancellor Angela Merkel after she was seen shaking during a military parade.

Merkel's entire body trembled while she stood alongside Ukraine Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Berlin.

As the pair stood in the heat listening to the German and Ukraine national anthems, Merkel looked as though she was trying to control the shaking.

Merkel later reassured the public that she is in good health and that she was likely dehydrated.

"Since then I have drunk at least three glasses of water -- I obviously needed that and so I'm doing very well now," Merkel said during a joint news conference with Zelenskiy following the parade.

Angela Merkel
Merkel was seen shaking publicly. Photo: Reuters
Merkel Seen Shaking Before

This is not the first time Merkel has been spotted shaking uncontrollably in public.

On one occasion, Merkel had to postpone a television appearance in 2014 because she hadn't had enough water. After drinking water and eating something she was able to carry out the interview.

Merkel, who has led Germany since 2005, has no publicly known health problems.

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Germany And Ukraine Discuss Russia Sanctions

During the joint news conference, Merkel said that western sanctions against Russia would not be lifted unless Ukraine's sovereignty was restored.

Angela Merkel
Merkel said she was fine in a media conference. Photo: Reuters.

Merkel said she and visiting Zelenskiy had discussed the Minsk peace agreement.

She also told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin had stressed he was aware of Germany's demand that Ukraine continues to transport gas to Europe after the opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Ukraine's president, speaking through an interpreter, said it was not Ukraine that started a war with Russia, adding "but we hope to end it as quickly as possible."

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