Magnet Fishing Is About More Than Just Treasure Finding

Treasure hunters are known for their innovative techniques in finding precious and long-lost antiques, but there's a dedicated group of people who delve a bit deeper than the rest to come up with some incredible finds.

'Magnet fishing' sees amateur treasure hunters attach heavy-duty magnets to long ropes and plunge them into lakes, canals and rivers.

While polluted waterways may not be a very appealing pastime for your average fisherman, treasure hunters have come up with some amazing finds.

Rarities including antique weaponry, WW2 helmets, pellets, an old ticket machine and an endless amount of old coins and medals.

Unfortunately, hunters have found some ~modern~ artefacts as well, including abandoned shopping trolleys and even discarded scooters and motorbikes.

French magnet fisherman Brian Lefebvre told Reuters it was about more than just an adventure and a discovery.

"Above all, you're improving almost immediately the environment around you and not the one on the other side of the planet, not everybody's, my own," he said.

"Sometimes we find items which do not have any monetary value but rather a historical value."