Pakistani Politicians Accidentally Leave Cat Filter On During Facebook Live Stream

Pakistani politicians have had a not so purr-fect foray into the world of Facebook Live.

A press conference held in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa administrative province by Minister of Information Shoukat Yousufzai took a comedic turn thanks to the addition of some cute whiskers and cat ears.

The official in charge of running the live stream via Facebook Live appeared to have forgotten that the 'cat filter' was on, Pakistani publication Dawn reported.

The adorable filter was removed in minutes, but the hilarious scene had already been noticed by plenty of local viewers, who had tuned in to the serious discussion about recent decisions made by the provincial assembly.

Twitter user Ahsan Hamid Durrani commented online that Yousufzai looked "kinda cute" with the cat filter applied -- which could be a tip for global politicians around the world hoping to catch the attention of constituents.

A clarification was issued by the Tehreek-e Insaf political party on Twitter, defending their online team as "pioneers of social media in Pakistan".

The post explained the cat filter was due to "human error from one of our hard working volunteer[s]", and removed "within minutes".

The party promised that "all necessary actions have been taken to avoid such incident in the future", so that could, sadly, be the last time we see politicians adorned with fluffy tails and long whiskers.

Main Photo: Facebook via Dawn.