Town Brews Up World Record With 20 Tonnes Of Coffee

A Colombian town is hoping to be awarded not one, but two world records when it brews up a staggering 20 tonnes of coffee in one giant cup this weekend.

The town of Chinchiná, in the heart of Colombia's coffee-growing region, is in the running for brewing the world's largest cup of coffee, as well as for the largest coffee tasting in the world.

But it's not going to be easy. According to Guinness World Records representative Natalia Ramirez, who is overseeing the world record attempts, the town must brew at least 18,012 litres to be awarded the first record.

PHOTO: Reuters

A minimum of 739 people would then need to taste the coffee in order for the town to be awarded the second record as well.

"There are two completely different records (in terms of) requirements that need to wait a little bit, because the evidence is very detailed since we're talking about food-related records," Ramirez told Reuters.

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But for the small community in Chinchiná the world record attempts are all about highlighting the importance of coffee to the locals and farmers.

Event organiser Juan Carlos Torres said the town is known nationally as a coffee-producer and said he hoped the record would "unite" the community as a family.

Crowds line up to taste coffee for the world record. PHOTO: Reuters

"We Colombians want to be able to feel more and more proud of Colombia as a coffee-producing country, to highlight the importance of our coffee culture, our farmers," Torres told Reuters.

Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America and one of the largest coffee exporters in the world.

With Reuters.