Protesters Strip Nude In Times Square For Equality

In a colourful and nude protest against divisiveness, dozens of people have stripped and paraded in nothing but body paint in New York's Times Square.

Dozens of people stripped naked and got their bodies painted in a protest against "divisiveness".

Nude, body-painted participants march in a 'March Against Divisiveness'. The event consisted of a body-painting show in Times Square followed by a march on Broadway from Times Square to 23rd Street. Photo: AAP

The event on Saturday was organised by body artist Andy Golub. He has staged similar nude Times Square protests in years past.

Golub said the world we're living in "is very divisive".

He said people have "much more in common" than they are different.

Photo: AAP

Samantha Walsh travelled from Toronto to take part. Walsh, who uses a wheelchair, said body painting disrupts the way people think about "whose bodies are valuable".