Tempers Flare As Christchurch Victims Are Confronted Outside Court

The victims of the Christchurch shooting have been harassed outside court as they left the plea hearing of the alleged shooter.

Brenton Tarrant faced Christchurch's High Court on Friday and entered a not guilty plea to all 92 charges.

More than 80 survivors and victims' family members were inside the courtroom and gasped as the pleas were entered by Tarrant's counsel.

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The alleged shooter smiled wryly as each not guilty plea was read out.

Brenton Tarrant. Photo: AAP

As the survivors and family members left the court, they were harassed by a man who told them their reaction was "angry" at the alleged shooter.

"See this is the problem I have, you're taking it all in anger," the man said.

The survivors and family members were left visibly distressed, and the man was escorted from the area by security.

The nephew of one of the shooting victims, Didar Hossain, said Tarrant's not guilty plea made the suffering of the last few months "worse".

"I was really upset for everyone. Not just for me, but for all who are victims," he told reporters outside the court.

"Everyone is really upset when you see is face, his smiling face."

Temel Atacocugu is still recovering from injuries he suffered in the shooting. Photo: 10 News First

Temel Atacocugu made the effort to be in court, despite his arm still being in a sling and using a crutch for injuries he suffered in the shooting.

"We are stronger than him," he told 10 News First.

One family member of a survivor told 10 News First the not guilty plea did not come as a shock to the victims.

"There's not much feelings as we expected it," he said.

"We didn't expect him to admit it."

Tarrant's trial will begin next year on May 4.