Bar Bills Customer $16 For 'Touching Testicles'

A receipt from a bar in Spain has attracted some attention after a patron was charged for a very unusual item.

The 10 Euro (AUD $16) surcharge appeared on the bill at Bar Eguzki, in Basque Country in Spain's north alongside usual items like wine and champagne.

The customer was charged for 'touching testicles' as well as his drinks. 'Tocar los cojones' in Spanish means ‘to touch the testicles’ which roughly translates to 'taking the piss' in English.

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The phrase is used to describe someone who is being consistently annoying.

The cheeky bill. Photo: Twitter/Goizalde Landabaso.

The waitress at the restaurant charged the customer -- who also happened to be her boss -- for always making fun of her while she is working.

The boss, Fernando, usually has Thursday evenings off work at the bar and instead drinks with his friends and plays card games at the premises.

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Fernando reportedly paid the 10 euros (AUD $16) for being a menace while his employee worked.

It seems like a well-received joke between employer and employee but it's unclear if the waitress got to pocket the extra cash.

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