Entire 'Island Of Women' For Sale, With Questionable Legends Thrown In

A private Italian island could be yours for just under $5 million.

The picturesque Isola delle Femmine, off the coast of Sicily, is seeking new owners with deep pockets and an eye to freshen up the place a bit (the only structure is an ancient but derelict watch tower). Come for the crystal blue waters, stay for the legend of some badass women the island is named after.

The Isola della Femme. Photo: Christies.

Legend has it that 13 Turkish maidens were once abandoned at sea by their relatives for some "serious crimes". Possibly breathing.

They were shipwrecked on the island and had the good fortune of living in some peace and quiet for seven years. When their families realised the error of their ways and begged them to come home, the women were like, nah, we're good, instead setting up a town on the nearby mainland called 'Capaci', or 'here the peace'. The island they named Isola della Femmine, or quite literally, 'Island of the Women'.

The sad news is, that story is probably bulls**t. The good news it that the island is a real place you can purchase, if you've got roughly €2 to €3 million (AU $3.25 to $4.88 million) and a good eye for some renovation.

Who needs a snorkel when the water's this clear? Photo: Christies.

The island is 15 hectares of southern Italian beauty, with water so clear you don't need a snorkel to admire the marine life.

The Christies listing advertises it as "perfect for whoever is looking for a place to live in all quiet".

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The watchtower dates from the 16th Century as part of Sicily's defence against pirate attacks, and although it's in "very bad shape", there's an opportunity to restore it to full splendour, making it useable as a private residence or even to open a museum.

The watchtower is in very bad shape. Photo: Christies.

There are also traces of the ancient Romans on the island, with stone and concrete basins probably once used "in the preparation of a typical fish plate" found.

If a would-be purchaser wishes to preserve the island for the cultural significance, there is opportunity to gain financing from the European Union or the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

If a would-be purchaser is looking to turn it more into a luxury, private getaway -- well, there's no financing for that, but you probably won't need it.

Interested parties can contact Christies -- and probably get their finances in order.

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