Bodies Found As Danube Tour Boat Lifted Out Of Water

Workers in Hungary have raised out of the Danube River a sunken tour boat involved in a deadly accident last month.

A huge floating crane on Tuesday placed the Hableany (Mermaid), water still streaming out of its hull, onto a barge at the scene of the May 29 collision between the tour boat and a river cruise ship.

Danube Boat
The boat was lifted from the Danube. Photo: Getty Images

Four bodies were recovered from the boat soon after its top reached the surface.

Nineteen South Korean tourists and a Hungarian crewman were previously confirmed to have died, with eight people listed as missing.

Danube Boat
Four more bodies were found. Photo: Getty Images.

Only seven of the 35 people on board were rescued.

Officials said earlier that police would take possession of the Hableany as part of their investigation into the night-time crash during heavy rain.