CCTV Of 'Alien' Creature Walking Down Driveway 'Not Human'

Don't believe in aliens? Well, this one is pretty hard to refute.

Vivian Gomez from Colorado, USA, posted a video to Facebook that appears to show an alien-like creature walking down her driveway.

The creature's movements were caught by a CCTV camera installed at her home. Wobbling and flapping its arms, the creature can be seen walking quickly from the home before disappearing into the darkness.

"So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out... what the heck??" Gomez wrote on Facebook.

Alien On CCTV
Gomez doesn't know what the creature is. Photo: Facebook/Vivian Gomez

Gomez also revealed she had two other cameras installed at her home, but for some reason, they didn't pick up the creature at all.

The post has gained plenty of attention on social media. The post has received over three million views.

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Alien On CCTV
The video of the creature has got over three million views. Photo:Facebook/ Vivian Gomez.

Some Facebook users observed the creature held a striking resemblance to the elf Dobby from the Harry Potter series.

"I think it’s Dobby," one Facebook user said.

"Looks like Dobby from Harry Potter! " another person commented.

Some people said the creature looked like Dobby From Harry Potter. Photo: Warner Bros.

Others seemed convinced aliens had landed.

"They are among us," one person wrote.

"I have the chills! This is definitely not human," another said.

Another popular theory was that the creature was a lost child.

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Despite the theories, there hasn't been any confirmation on who or what the creature actually is. Some pointed out that the creature appears to vanish completely in the last frame of the video.

While many people questioned Gomez over if she edited the footage, she insisted it was authentic.

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