'Old Town Road' Helps Boy With Nonverbal Autism Begin To Speak

When Billy Ray Cyrus decided join Lil Nas X on his hit single 'Old Town Road', the country star said the hip hop artist was a "light in this world".

While the song is popular all across the United States, Lil Nas X brought that light to one person in particular: A mum from Minnesota says 'Old Town Road' helped her 4-year-old son with nonverbal autism find his voice.

"'Old Town Road' done shined a spotlight on my son," Sheletta Brundidge tweeted about her son, Daniel. While Daniel usually doesn't speak, his mum captured him humming the words to 'Old Town Road' one day.

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The mum saw it as a breakthrough. "I thought, oh my gosh, it's music, that's how we reach him," Brundidge told CBS Minnesota station WCCO, where she is a radio personality and co-host of the Two Haute Mommas podcast.

"That's how we teach him, that's how he understands."

old town road lil nas x
Daniel's speech therapist had been using music to help him communicate, but this was done all on his own. Photo: Twitter.

Brundidge later had the chance to thank Lil Nas X directly, when he spoke to her on air during her broadcast.

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"The man who has given my son his voice, Little Nas X, is on the phone with us right now and I can't thank you enough for what you did for my baby," she told her listeners.

Lil Nas X replied: "I want to thank you for sharing your story and letting everybody see. Everybody's destiny is intertwined.... let everyone have the feeling that there is always hope."