Rare White Tiger Among Four Abandoned By Mother After Birth

Four Bengal tiger cubs, including one extremely rare white cub, have been rescued after being abandoned by their mother.

The quadruplets were found by staff at the Shendiaoshan Wildlife Park in China's Rongcheng City in the Shandong Province on May 18.

Workers believe the cubs' mother abandoned them immediately after birth, and so the staff took over the role of caregivers so they could survive.

Tiger Cubs
The tigers were abandoned by their mother. Photo: Reuters

One of the four cubs in a rare white tiger. Around one in 10,000 Bengal tigers turn out to be white.

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"White tigers are quite rare in the Bengal tiger population. It's not albinism but a result of genetic mutation," Meng Qingjia, a veterinarian at the park, told Reuters.

Tiger Cubs
One of the four tigers was born white. Photo: Reuters

The tiger cubs are on a very specific diet that includes goats milk to help them grow. They are also being fed a carefully controlled amount probiotics and digestive enzymes to emulate how they would have been raised in the wild.

"After the four cubs were born, the mother tiger went away without caring at all. The baby tigers were just shaking, with their cries getting weaker and weaker. We saw it and therefore decided to bring them out for artificial feeding," Meng said.

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Tiger Cubs
The white tiger cub. Photo: Reuters.

The tiger cubs are in good health and are now starting to learn to walk, but they'll need at least one more month of specialised care before they can be meet the public.

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