This Wild Rescue Has Spun 'Helicopter Lady' Into A Meme

This elderly hiker must have been relieved when help was on its way, but she had another thing coming.

The 74-year-old woman suffered a minor injury while hiking in Phoenix, Arizona. When a rescue helicopter came to her rescue, she was loaded into an aerial basket (a.k.a. a stretcher), and must have thought her ordeal was nearly over.

But as she was hoisted towards the helicopter above her, an otherwise routine rescue quickly spiralled out of control.

Now-viral footage, captured by local station Fox 10,  shows the woman launched into an uncontrollable spin on the end of the rope. The spiral starts off slowly ... and then she's off and there's no going back.

The woman begins rapidly spinning. Photo: Fox 10.

Firefighters told local media the woman was left feeling nauseous and dizzy after her hoist to safety, but was otherwise unaffected by the rescue.

"Reports from the hospital are that she had no ill effects from the spin," Phoenix Fire Captain Bobby Dubnow said.

Naturally, the internet went into its own spin.

While some Twitter users were checking in on the woman's condition, others were calling 'Helicopter Lady' as the meme of 2019.

Featured image: Fox 10 Phoenix