School Bus Driver Blames Doughnut For Reckless Driving

A school bus driver has been charged with driving under the influence while having children in her vehicle.

Police in Houston, Texas received a call on May 31 reporting a school bus that was being driven erratically.

The caller said the vehicle was swerving across lanes in after-school traffic. Police allege "the bus almost flipped over on the roadway".

Police managed to track down Linda Sue Godejohn who was allegedly behind the wheel at the intersection of Aldine Westfield Road at Hirschfield Road.

One witness told police Godejohn unloaded the children from her bus before they arrived.

Linda Sue Godejohn
Photo: Facebook/Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4.

Mark Herman from the Harris Country Constable Precinct Four said on Facebook Godejohn was displaying "several signs of intoxication" when police detained her.

"Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were administered and it was discovered that she was driving while intoxicated," he wrote.

Despite telling officers she wasn't feeling well, Godejohn refused to go to hospital.

She was charged with driving under the influence (DUI). She was jailed that evening and her bail was set at just $100. She was released on Saturday morning, but the ordeal wasn't over.

Godejohn was then slapped with a charge of driving under the influence with children in the vehicle. Police discovered at least one child on the bus was under the age of 14, making the alleged crime more serious.

Linda Sue Godejohn
Linda Sue Godejohn claims a doughnut made her sick. Photo: Youtube/KPRC2 Click2Houston.

Despite being charged with DUI, she claimed it was an off doughnut that made her allegedly drive recklessly.

"I got something from the school to eat and it had made me sick," Godejohn told media outside the police station.

"My stomach was just hurting so bad that my wheel fell off the curb, that's all it was and you know, going 45 miles an hour, it is going to flip back."

While prosecutors can't confirm what caused Godejohn's alleged reckless driving until the test results are in, they are certain about one thing.

"Until we get the bloods back we are not going to know what the actual cause of her impairment was, but rest assured it, was not a doughnut," Sean Teare from Harris Court told KPRC2 Houston.

Doughnut driver
Sean Teare from Harris Court. Photo: Youtube/ KPRC2  Click2Houston.

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