Cop Saves Sleeping Couple From Rattlesnake

A deputy has saved the life of a Tennessee couple after they were stalked by a rattlesnake.

The couple were sleeping in the middle of a dirt road in Maury County, south of Nashville, when they had their slippery encounter.

Photo: Maury County Sheriff's Department

Maury Country Deputy Sheriff, Adam Sisk, was in the area after reports of a suspicious person when he noticed a rattlesnake making its way towards the couple.

The rattlesnake had slithered within metres of the couple, who were completely unaware of the danger they were in.

"Don't move! There's a rattlesnake right next to you," he yelled at the couple, waking them up.

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But instead of heeding the advice of Sisk, the man had other ideas.

Before his partner had even sat up, the got up and bolted.

The man isn't waiting around. Photo: Maury County Sheriff's Department

The woman, under the guidance of Sisk, gets up much slower and makes her way away from the venomous snake.

With both safely away from the snake, Sisk gave the couple a ride home.