Forget Real Animals, This Circus Is Turning To Holograms Instead

Horses, elephants, monkeys and lions have all been circus staples for decades, but one big top in Germany has shunned tradition, swapping flesh and blood for holograms.

Circus Roncalli has been entertaining crowds with its animal-based show since 1976, but has decided to change things up in a fight against animal cruelty.

There are still hooves, tusks and tails, there are tricks, fiery circles and acrobats, but in a world first, not one of the animals is real. Every single one is made from projectors, lasers and lenses.

The technology is strategically placed around the big top to give all attendees a 3D view of the show.

This elephant will still do a handstand, only it isn't real Photo: Twitter

The move comes amid increasing concerns about show animals living much of their lives in captivity.

Activists worldwide have accused many circuses of beating, starving and keeping their animals in unsanitary conditions while they perform for large crowds.

In the UK, legislation is before the government which would ban travelling circuses from using wild animals from 2020.

The UK is looking to ban wild animals from travelling circuses Photo: TWITTER

“Travelling circuses are no place for wild animals in the 21st century and I am pleased that this legislation will put an end to this practice for good,” Environment Secretary Michael Gove said as he introduced the bill in May.

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For circuses here in Australia, times are getting tough, with around 40 councils banning travelling circuses with exotic animals like big cats and elephants from their land.

It's not known if this new hologram circus will catch on, but it's expected that more councils, cities and countries will move to implement bans on circus animals in the future.