'It's Huge': Woman Calls Police After Alligator Breaks Into Family Kitchen

"I'm sorry, is it in your house?"

That was the response from a US police officer responding to a frantic emergency call from a woman who woke in the middle of the night to find a three-and-a-half metre alligator thrashing around her kitchen.

"I have a gigantic alligator who came in through my garage and is sitting in my kitchen. A huge one," the woman can be heard saying in 911 audio released by Florida's Clearwater Police Department.

"I don't know how it got here, but it's here."

PHOTO: Clearwater Police Department

It turns out emergency services were already on the way to the woman's house after another woman delivering early morning newspapers had noticed the large alligator thrashing around as it moved toward the front door of the home.

Minutes later police received the call from inside the home, with the woman assuring officers she was staying well away from the animal until help arrived.

"I shut the door and am in my bedroom. I'm not leaving here till you get here," the woman said on the call.

PHOTO: Clearwater Police Department

Police and an alligator trapper arrived on the scene to discover the unwanted intruder had broken into the home through some low windows in the kitchen.

The lead trapper spent some time wrangling the gator before he could be removed from the property as the animal thrashed around the kitchen knocking over a wine shelf and smashing several bottles.

PHOTO: Clearwater Police Department

Police said the gator suffered some minor cuts to his shoulder but no one else involved in the incident was injured.

In a video posted to Facebook, police said the alligator was taken to a private location to recover after what would have been "a traumatic experience" him.

PHOTO: Clearwater Police Department

Florida is no stranger to unwanted visits from huge animals, with residents known to find gators on roads, lawns, golf courses and even swimming pools.

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Featured Image: Clearwater Police Department

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