Swinging Russian Fire Kid Becomes Instant Meme, Bringing 'This Is Fine' To Life

Just keep swinging, just keep swinging.

Memes. You love 'em. We love 'em. Everybody loves 'em. But it's rare that you see an image becoming a meme in real-time. We've been blessed enough to see one of these unicorns in the world today, as a Russian kid swung his way onto the path of internet stardom.

A video was posted to the YouTube page of news service Hyp24 on Monday, titled "A boy swinging on a swing in Noyabrsk during a fire". Noyabrsk, an oil town in central Russia, saw a fire destroy a two-storey building this week.

But eyes have turned to the boy, who keeps on swinging without a care in the world, as adults fight the blaze raging behind him. The fire has completely consumed the building, but the young lad is completely consumed with his fun.

We're calling him 'swing boy'.

Remind you of anything?

Or perhaps...

It's that perfect mix of indifference and innocence in the face of catastrophe -- the two memes are respectively known as "this is fine" and "disaster girl" -- such that it can be applied in countless scenarios.

Your life going off the rails, but you're focusing on the positives? Swing boy is the meme for you.

Ignoring your work/school/home responsibilities, while all falls apart around you? Swing boy will do the trick.

Politicians not taking action on climate change? Yep, swing boy will work.

Looking for the upsides in your world, turning your back on all the negatives? Swing boy, swing boy, swing boy.

It's early in the piece, granted, but swing boy will become a meme. Mark our words.

And as our parting gift to you, here it is, in GIF form, for your enjoyment.