Man Saves Plummeting Child By Throwing His Body To Break Fall

CCTV captured the extraordinary moment a man saved a child plunge from a fifth-storey window by throwing his body to break the fall.

Tonik Turghanbek, 28, was stepping out of his car when he noticed the two-year-old falling from the window of a fifth-storey apartment.

The man dived from his car at just the right moment to hold out his arms and break the child's fall.

Source: 10 daily

A witness on the scene told reporters that there were many elderly people on the street who noticed the child but were unable to act quickly enough to save him.

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The CCTV footage shows the moment the infant slams into the man's chest, knocking both of them to the ground.

Turghanbek told Reuters the child was already falling when he saw him.

"I thought of nothing at the moment, and then I caught him. I don't know what happened after that, as I fainted for a while," he said.

The pair were taken to a local hospital but neither of them sustained serious injuries -- Turghanbek only sustained scratches on his head and arms from the impact.