Mount Everest 'Traffic Jam' Blamed For Climber Death Spike

It has been a deadly week on Mt Everest as a record number of climbers cause delays.

A British man is the latest to die on the mountain, bringing the climbing season's death toll to 10.

Robin Fisher, 44, died on Saturday after reaching the summit, his expedition organisers confirmed.

"Our guides tried to help but he died soon after," Murari Sharma of Everest Parivar Expedition told news agency AFP.

The queue of climbers on Mt Everest on Thursday. Photo: Nimsdai

At least 120 climbers were on the path to the summit on Thursday causing a human traffic jam that is being blamed for the high number of deaths.

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Two women from India, Anjali Sharad Kulkarni, 54, and Kalpana Das, 49, died on Friday while descending the summit, which is 8,850 meters high.

"She [Kulakrni] had to wait for a long time to reach the summit and descend," Thupden Sherpa, of tour organizer Arun Treks told the Mumbai Mirror.

"She couldn't move down on her own and died as Sherpa guides brought her down."

Climbers ascending. Photo: GETTY

A 27-year-old Indian man, Nihal Ashpak Bagwan, also died on Friday.

“Bagwan died of dehydration, exhaustion and tiredness after being caught in the jam of climbers,” said Keshab Paudel of the Peak Promotion hiking agency that handled the climber’s logistics.

“We don’t know for how long the jam lasted nor how many climbers were clogged by a single line near the summit."

A Nepali guide has also died after falling sick on the mountain, but authorities would not say anything further.

An America climber, Donald Cash, 55, died on the mountain on Wednesday. He was unable to be revived by his guides after collapsing from altitude sickness.

He had reached the Everest summit, completing his dream of climbing the 'seven summits' -- the highest summit on every continent -- before his death.

Mountaineers ascend on their way to the summit of Mount Everest. Photo: Getty

The area above 8,000 metres in known as the 'death zone' by climbers because of how thin the air is. Supplement oxygen is usually needed higher than this point.

"And that's very dangerous if you run out of oxygen, you can die within a couple of hours," Lukas Furtenbach, who reached the summit on Thursday, told CBS News.

The end of May signals the end of the climbing season for Mt Everest, which was only five days long this year because of weather conditions.

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Nepalese authorities have issued 379 permits to climb Mt Everest this year, which has resulted in the long queues seen on the mountainside.

An Irish man is also presumed dead after he slipped and fell near the summit.

Mountaineers walk near camp two of Mount Everest, as they prepare to ascend on the south face from Nepal. Photo: Getty

There have been additional causalities on the Tibetan side of the mountain, but the exact number of how many is unknown.

A 56-year-old unnamed Irish man died in his tent on Friday, after he turned back to descend the mountain without reaching the summit.

A member of a Swiss team died at 8,600 metres on the Tibetan side of the mountain on Thursday, according to Everest blogger Alan Arnette, who cited a Swiss operator, Kobler & Partner. The climber’s full name has also not been released.

The bodies of those who die on the trek to the summit are often left there as it is too difficult to bring them down, serving as a solemn reminder to those who attempt the climb of the price they may pay.

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