World's Smallest Macca's Has Opened But Burgers And Fries Aren't On Offer

The offering at this McDonald's store is quite different.

This mini version is a replica of it's bigger brother and sisters, fitted out with the famous golden arches, seating, plenty of signage and of course, a drive-through bay, but this buzzing beauty is actually a fully-functioning beehive.

It's called the McHive, it comes out of Sweden and it's helping to boost the dwindling bee population.

It was designed and built by award-winning set designer Nicklas Nilsson for a charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House which helps seriously sick children and their families.


The McHive went under the hammer this week -- and a  Macca's franchise was the winner -- paying $14,500 for the buzzing hive.

It's not the only sweet idea the global restaurant has had in relation to bees.

At least five McDonald's restaurants in Sweden now have genuine beehives on their rooftops in a bid to create a more sustainable environment in their local community and more franchises are getting involved.

Bees are essential to life -- one out of every three bites taken by humans worldwide depends on them.


Bee-lieve it or not, the pollinators are responsible for roughly $30 billion in crops each year and without them, close to half of our produce would fail to exist.

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Unfortunately, the number of honey bees worldwide has is dropping fast, with up to a 30 percent loss of some colonies each year.

So while this initiative might seem like a well-orchestrated PR  stunt, if it continues to spread beyond Swedish shores, and continues to attract thousands of buzzing customers, it could really make a difference.

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