RV Driver Holds Dogs Out Window In High-Speed Police Chase

A dog escaped out the front window of a smashed RV as it led police on a wild chase and caused chaos through Los Angeles.

News helicopters followed the large RV through the streets of the San Fernando valley, watching from above as the vehicle hurtled down main roads and through back alleys.

It is believed the RV was stolen. California Highway Patrol officers said the chase began around 7pm local time on Monday, after a failure to yield at an intersection.

The damaged RV, early in the chase

The white RV crashed several times through the long chase, leaving the entire front-right portion of the vehicle caved in and smashed, trailing glass and debris through the chase. The chase reached speeds of up to 100km/h on suburban streets.

The driver, a woman, had at least two dogs in the front of the vehicle with her, and at several points the animals tried to jump through the smashed front windscreen.

One of several collisions through the chase

One dog did jump through the window as the RV drove at high speed, landing heavily on the road and running away.

The RV continued on, narrowly missing several other motorists as it sped through red lights and intersections in the face of oncoming traffic.

A second dog was seen at the windscreen later, with the driver holding the dog back as the front of its body dangled dangerously outside the vehicle.

The RV appeared cornered by chasing police cars on at least one occasion, but managed to escape, before turning into a suburb with narrow streets.

The driver, arrested by police, with the dog nearby

The vehicle smashed into a car in a driveway, appearing to badly injure a man in or near the car.

The RV was damaged and stuck, so the driver jumped out and started running, trying to break through the front gate of a nearby property.  The second dog followed. Police quickly jumped on the woman and arrested her, as the dog stood nearby.

The crashed RV, and the injured man

Bloody footprints could be seen on the driveway where the driver was eventually arrested.

Ambulance and police crews rushed to the scene, and the injured man was eventually tended to by emergency services. The dog was captured and taken away.

More to come.