Doctor Accused Of Poisoning Patients In Order To Show Off By 'Saving' Them

An anaesthesiologist charged with poisoning seven patients is being investigated in relation to a further 50 cases.

Frederic Pechier worked for two private clinics in Besancon in eastern France, where seven patients went into cardiac arrest between 2008 and 2017.

He saved five of them, but two couldn't be revived.

While Pechier wasn't in charge of sedating the patients, his quick efforts to revive those in trouble impressed his colleagues -- but made authorities suspicious.

Tests found traces of potassium in the dead patients' bloodstreams, which were up to five times higher than the legal dose, according to French newsagency AFP.

Frederic Pechier is accused of poisoning and murder. Photo: GETTY

Pechier was charged in 2017, and banned from practising.

Prosecutors alleging he may have tampered with colleagues' anaesthesia pouches to spark the emergencies which allowed him to jump in, bring the patients back to life and be hailed a hero.

It's a claim he vehemently denies.

Now, Pechier is being investigated in relation to more than 50 "unwanted events", where patients otherwise considered healthy experienced unexpected complications or death.

He was questioned by police on Tuesday, a source told AFP.

Investigators are digging up bodies and testing them for high traces of potassium.

Last November, Pechier's lawyers accused police of doctoring his testimony, and claimed he was almost bankrupt due to a ban on him practising.

“His financial situation is very complicated," his lawyers said, according to The Telegraph.

"He has been without revenue for the past 15 months whereas he could end up with an acquittal."

The doctor remains on bail, pending trial.