Preschooler Brings Handfuls Of Crack Cocaine To Class

Close to two dozen packs of crack cocaine have been discovered in the pocket of a preschooler at a Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia.

Police were called to the St Cyprian Children's Center on Tuesday morning after a teacher's aid spotted a huge bulge in the young boys pants.

Thinking it was a toy, the staff member asked the student, 5, to take it out.

Turns out it was a sandwich bag full of purple individual zip lock bags of crack cocaine.

The person that handed him the haul told him the drugs needed to remain hidden, he allegedly told a teacher.

The staff member confiscated the cocaine and informed an administrator who then called 911.

St Cyprian Children's Centre Photo: GOOGLE MAPS

“I feel like it’s just the parents’ fault,” the father of one of the children at the daycare centre told NBC10.

“We’ve got to do better with raising our kids. We have to be more responsible about what we’re doing in our own homes instead of worrying about what’s going on outside of them,” he said.

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The good news is the drugs didn't get into the hands of other children and nobody was harmed.

Police launched an investigation but are yet to make an arrest.