Woman Has Bike Handle Removed Two Years After Husband's Horrific Abuse

Doctors in India have performed a four-hour operation to remove a 15cm piece of plastic from a woman's organs.

The woman, 30, was admitted to hospital in Indore, west-central India, this week with severe stomach pains.

Doctors performed an x-ray and then a CT scan which confirmed a bike handle, with the grip still on, was wedged into her uterus, small intestine and bladder.

She was rushed into surgery on Tuesday where a team of 19 doctors conducted a four-hour long surgery, which, according to reports, included removing her uterus.

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According to local police, the woman's husband of 15 years, attacked her with the handle during a fight, when he was drunk.

“Two years ago the couple fought over the kids," Chandan Nagar police station in-charge Rahul Sharma said according to the Hindustan Times. 

"The man beat her up and inserted the bike handle piece in her private part in a fit of rage. The woman didn’t share her ordeal out of shame and worried over the future of the kids.” 

The accused, who works with a band, is now in custody, while the woman is in recovery in the ICU.