China Has Banned Wikipedia In All Languages

China has now blocked the encyclopedic website, Wikipedia in all languages.

According to a new report from the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), a website that tracks internet censorship across the globe, all language editions of Wikipedia have now been banned.

This adds to the list of over 10,000 websites already banned in China in what is known as the "Great Firewall of China" including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pornhub, the New York Times, Whatsapp, and Dropbox.

While the Chinese language Wikipedia has been blocked since May 2015, the ban has now been extended to all sub-domains of the website.

WhatsApp use began to be restricted in late 2017 before being banned entirely. Source: Getty.

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OONI report that from April 25 this year, all language editions of Wikipedia have been blocked by a DNS anomaly.

This DNS blocking even applied to Wikipedia sub-domains that didn't exist and China have used multiple layers of blocking for the sites, making it currently impossible to circumvent the block according to the OONI researchers.

The Wikimedia Foundation stated that they received no notifications of the ban in advance.

Other nations have blocked Wikipedia in the past -- Iran currently blocks a limited number of Wikipedia pages and Pakistan have blocked the website for short periods following the controversial publication of cartoons of Mohammed.

Turkey has had the same blanket ban applied to Wikipedia and all of its sub-domains since early 2017.