Watch This Chilled Policewoman March A Feisty Emu Back To Its Owner

Police in Phoenix, Arizona responded to a call about a "large bird loose".

The world's second-largest bird, which is half of Australia's coat of arms, is a notoriously feisty creature with a well-earned reputation for NOT doing what it's told.

The policewoman calmly marches the emu down a suburban street. Image: CBS

But this obedient bird behaves perfectly as it's marched back to its owner after breaking loose, with the officer appearing to hold it loosely by the feathers.

America has generally much less strict rules on exotic pets than Australia.

The laws vary by state. For example, kangaroos are banned in some states but allowed in others, including in Arizona.

Emus are also allowed in Arizona, although officers were still a little b-EMU-sed when they saw one walking the streets.