Massive Slide Connecting Two Spanish Streets Shut Down Within A Day

Who would have thought that a 38-metre long steel slide with no safety barriers would be too dangerous to use?

The steep chute opened in Estepona, a resort town in southern Spain, on Thursday but was shut down within 24 hours after users suffered burns and bruises while riding it.

The slide -- said to be the largest in the country -- has a gradient of up to 34 degrees and connects two streets, sparing locals the 10-minute walk from one to another.

Incredible videos posted to social media show users hurtling down the chute at high speeds and flying off the end.

"Dentists are rubbing their hands," one user said.

Another posted photos of her grazed and bruised elbows, labelling the slide a "piece of s**t".

"I went on and hurt myself everywhere, I flew two metres and the cops started laughing," she posted. "I'm not putting up [a photo] of my a**e, which is worse".

Estepona's council released a statement claiming the injuries were an "isolated incident".

It says that safety instructions posted to the slide clearly state that people who use it need to sit up, keep their arms in and ensure that no one else is on it at the time.

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“More than a thousand people used the slide correctly [on Thursday] and without incident," the council said. "Nevertheless, given the situation, the council has requested a new check to provide maximum guarantees for users".

It's not known if or when the chute will re-open but for now, locals can use a staircase built for the less daring, instead.