Pigeon Flashed By Speed Camera After Zooming Down Residential Street

A speedy pigeon has shocked authorities after being clocked travelling 15km/h over the speed limit in a quiet German town.

The bird was flapping down a residential street in Bocholt, western Germany, when it triggered a mobile camera unit.

It happened back in February, but the incident only came to light last week when the Bocholt City Council posted a photo of the rule-breaking pigeon on Facebook.

It's looking straight down the barrel of the camera as it swoops down the wrong side of the road.

According to council, the flight path indicated that the winged criminal was "on a collision course with vehicles and pedestrians".


"However, the city administration does not want to launch a survey of possible witnesses," the humorous statement said.

According to authorities, it was travelling at 45km/h in a 30km/h zone when it was flashed.

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"Whether and, above all, how the speedy bird can and will pay its €25 on-the-spot fine remains to be seen," police said.

Believe it or not, this pigeon probably wasn't even breaking a sweat.

This particular bird species can travel an average of 124km/h, but some have even been clocked doing 148km/h.