Gator's 'Wrestling Match' With Officers

A near three-metre long alligator launched into an intense 'death roll' in an effort to evade wranglers.

Officers were called to a residential street in Collier County, Florida, early Thursday morning to wrangle the massive gator lurking in bushes behind a children's bus stop.

In a video posted to social media, the reptile can be heard hissing at officials as one throws a knot around its body and tries to pull it from its hideout.

Seconds later the gator launches into a hectic roll as it works to escape the lasso.


"Kids were waiting nearby at their bus stop, but we're pretty sure this critter wasn't heading to school," Collier County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post.

In good news, the alligator was safely bundled up and popped into the back of a ute to be released into a more suitable environment.

“No one was injured during the wrestling match,” the sheriff's office said. “Just another day in paradise, huh?”

It wasn't the only strange case officers had to deal with in Collier County on Thursday -- a bobcat climbed metres up a power pole beside a busy highway.

Vision of the incident shows the big cat breathing heavily as it clings to the top.

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After a couple of prods from a giant stick held by authorities on the ground, the bobcat finally slid down, using its sharp claws to grip the wood.

It fled into the bushes, appearing unharmed.

Only in Florida.