Ewe Can't Be Serious! Sheep Enrolled At Primary School To Keep Class Open

They may not know their ABCs but this flock of sheep could actually save a struggling primary school in France.

Jules Ferry school in Crêts-en-Belledonne, a village of about 4,000 people at the foot of the Alps, was told it had to scale back classes due to dwindling student numbers.

As of last week, there were 261 children, down from 266, and authorities demanded one of the 11 classes be closed.

The community wasn't having a baa of it.

On Tuesday morning, a local herder and his dog arrived at the school gates with some 60 sheep, 15 of which were "registered" as pupils.

Parents, children and teachers watched on as birth certificates were handed over for each of the new 'students' before they were led into their own pen.

Some kids stood in the courtyard throughout the special ceremony holding signs reading "we are not sheep" and "we do not run a school like we manage a herd" in protest of the announced closure.

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It seems the bizarre plan worked, with the mayor even accepting the new enrollments, according to local media.

"National education is unfortunately only numbers," Gaelle Laval, one of the parents behind the initiative told Le Parisien newspaper. "With this surge in numbers, we are good. We can go see the director of the academy to assert our rights and save our class."

Whether Sheep Husbandry is put on the syllabus remains unclear. Wool let you know as soon as we do.