Plane With 143 People Onboard Skids Off Runway And Falls Into River

A commercial jet arriving at a U.S. naval air station has slid off the runway and fallen into a river, authorities in Florida said.

Thankfully all 143 people on board the Boeing 737 were alive and accounted for, with dozens of emergency services responding to the scene.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's office said 21 people were transported to hospital for injuries in stable conditions and none had been listed as critical.

Twenty-one people were transported to hospital for injuries in a stable condition, none listed as critical. Image: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Local authorities said the plane was flying into the air station from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba just before 10pm on Friday local time, when the incident occurred.

The plane landed in shallow water in the St John's River and was not submerged, the Sheriff's office confirmed.

A statement from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station said the plane was carrying 136 passengers and seven crew members and all had been accounted for.

The Naval Station Guantanamo Bay posted on Facebook that the "Rotator" -- a twice-weekly charter flight that brings military personnel, contractors and family members off that base -- experienced a crash landing at NAS Jacksonville.

"Navy security and emergency response personnel are on the scene and monitoring the situation," the statement said.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry tweeted that fire and rescue teams at the scene were also working to control jet fuel in the water.

Image: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

An investigation has been launched into the incident with authorities expected to remain at the scene overnight to monitor the situation.

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