Horrifying Moment Newborn Dropped On Head By Doctors

*WARNING*: Disturbing footage.

A new mother has shared a horrifying video showing the moment hospital staff at a U.S. hospital dropped her newborn baby on its head.

The distressing video shows three workers handling the baby girl, named Morgan, as they change her blankets underneath.

One of the staff members holding the newborn drops her, causing Morgan to fall upside down back onto the table, landing on her head and almost falling off the edge.

Staff quickly picked her back up, exchanging a quick worried glance.

According to the baby's mum Mo Rodgers, who shared the clip, Morgan -- who was born in February, one of twin babies -- had no tests done to check for injury after she was dropped.

Image: Facebook (Mo Rodgers)

"I would like to prevent this from happening to other children being born at this hospital," Rodgers said in a Facebook post.

She said Morgan spent almost a fortnight in NICU because of her small size and underwent a head ultrasound because of her low weight.

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"She has a grade 1 hemorrhage on the left side of her brain and I am not sure if that was due to her being dropped or her low birth weight," Rodgers claimed. 

"I did not find out that this test was done and the results of this test until this past Saturday when I brought up a different concern to her doctor."

Her video has been shared nearly 50,000 times, as of time of writing.