Dramatic Rescue Of Toddler Trapped Down Six Metre Well

A four-year-old girl fell six metres into a well while under the supervision of her older sister. 

The toddler disappeared while her sibling was hanging out the washing in a village in Changzhou City of east China's Jiangsu Province on Tuesday.

When the girl realised her younger sister had fallen into the well she immediately called firefighters for help. People in the village were also made aware of the situation.

While they waited for emergency services to arrive, the townspeople were quick to construct a rope out of bedsheets and put it down the well.

China Rescue
The child was trapped down the deep well. Image: CCTV.

They also attached a bucket to the rope and lowered it to the toddler so she could stay afloat until firefighters arrived.

Just one firefighter was able to squeeze down the narrow well to save the little girl. The work was both tight and tedious, but eventually, both rescuer and child were hoisted to safety.

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China Rescue
Firefighters work to bring the girl to safety. Image: CCTV.

The toddler was taken to hospital to undergo a medical examination and is in good condition.

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